Plugging the Hole in Your Soul

Just where did we go wrong?

According to Genesis, the Book of the Old Testament, “Let us make man in our image, after our likeness…So God created man in His own image…” Consensus belief is that God is almighty, powerful, loving, glorious, all-knowing, and perfect. If God is perfect and He created man in His image, then it should logically follow that man himself is perfect. Yet I know of no one who even remotely exhibits or emulates these virtues.

Looking at the word “perfect” from another angle, however, sheds a different light on it: “perfect” here is not defined as “flawless” and “incapable of making a mistake,” but instead as “whole,” “complete,” “totality of soul,” and “independent of external others or other things for existence, beingness, happiness, and fulfillment.” Again, who feels like this? Instead, the planet seems to be populated by people who often exhibit the diametric opposite of these qualities.

But “whole” and “complete” refer to the soul or spirit which dwells in the body, and not the body itself. The former emanates from a formless, invisible, eternal realm devoid of matter, energy, space, or time, and is therefore infinite. The physical body, on the other hand, is the opposite of it, subjected to flaws, errors, deterioration, and failure, and is therefore finite. The human condition is, by definition, a state of imperfection.

It is the former, independent of the latter, which is so complete that it can be considered “whole,” “perfect,” and “fulfilled.” But, again, I have yet to encounter anyone who is so euphorically complete that he does not need anything.

Although people usually pursue soul-plugging paths by attempting to fill their voids with cars, houses, boats, jewels, money, and any other number of material possessions, the desired result always seems unattainable and they end up doing little more imitating the dog-chasing-its-tail trap: the more they try, the less it resolves the problem, causing them to try even harder. The hole only deepens, and the process is an effective illustration of one of insanity’s very definitions of “doing the same thing every time, but expecting a different result.” The attempt only demonstrates the fact that most of us no longer even know what the soul is and usually confuse it with the ego.

The ego itself is the artificial, temporary, and fleeting opposite of your core whose easily-shatterable foundation consists of aspects such as your title, profession, accomplishments, possessions, and wealth. Although there is nothing inherently wrong with being proud of your achievements, when they serve to define your very “self” or “soul,” they create a false sense of who you really are, as illustrated by the statement which proclaims, “If you equate who you are with what you do, then when you don’t, you aren’t.” How can something you truly are be fleeting, as if it had stipulations or an expiration date attached to it?

Similarly, if your soul’s worth is equal to your monetary worth, would you then dissolve into nothingness if you suddenly lost all your money? For those who really prescribe to this correlation, they practically do. The larger the ego you create (and only you create it), the more you believe that it is the real you and the less you are able to identify your true core. This results in a disconnection from God/Source.

But if your soul were so autonomously created that it did not need anything external to it to be or become “complete,” then where did this hole come from in the first place and can any of these “externals” actually fill it? Let us discuss the situation.

Suppose I had been sipping water from a glass and realized that it had now been only two-thirds full. Suppose I had then asked you to refill it, but, when you had returned with it, it appeared to be at the same level. I probably would have said something like, “I don’t understand. You said you would fill it back up, but it’s still a third empty.”

Defending your attempt, you would most likely have responded, “Well, I tried!”

And I would have countered, “Tried? What do you mean you ‘tried?'”

And finally you would have explained, “I tried to fill it up. I put in sugar and flour, but it just didn’t rise to the top of the glass.”

Perplexed, I would have blurted, “Sugar and flour! There’s water in the glass and if you want to fill it up, you have to put in more water, not sugar and flour. You have to put in the same substance; otherwise, it will never fill up!”

That missing water could be equated to the hole in your soul, and trying to fill it with a material possession, such as a diamond bracelet, is analogous to attempting to fill the water glass with sugar or flour. They are different substances.

While it is apparent what caused the water reduction, it is not so obvious what caused the void in your soul. But if we could pinpoint its cause(s), it could be restored to its “whole,” “complete,” and “perfect” state. The question, however, is what had caused it?

The only logical method of determination seems to entail the retracing of your life’s steps in order to ascertain where you had made the “wrong turn(s).” After all, if I had invited you to my home one evening and instructed you to take the Expressway, get off at Exit 44, and then make a right at the first traffic light, you would easily find it if you had not deviated from the given route. If, on the other hand, you had failed to arrive and had telephoned me to report your lost status, you would only need to retrace the path you had just taken to determine where it had deviated from the correct one. Similarly, a retracing of your own life path would reveal where you had made the wrong turn(s).

In order to fully comprehend these “wrong turns,” it is crucial for you to realize and discern what you intrinsically know, but which most people have somehow seemed to forget-namely, that a person is comprised of two parts, his or her body and the soul housed by it. That error alone actually constitutes the first “wrong turn.” The soul itself is the life force, the “infused spirit,” breathed into everyone, and the command center behind every living, physical form, which permits integration with and negotiation of the physical world, but of which the soul otherwise shares no commonalities. Jesus succinctly expressed this when He had said, “You are in this world, not of it.” This separation between the two must therefore be continually acknowledged and understood; otherwise, the forthcoming discussion will have no value for you.

Five causes can be cited for this planetary-ubiquitous, crater-size hole in people’s souls.

The first, as just stated, is the loss of distinction between the two physical and eternal entities, the body and the soul. This error occurs before you even back out of the driveway and leads to all others.

The second is a progressive disconnection from reality and beingness. We were all created by the same Source and therefore all belong to the same whole. This fact and its related state were simplistically expressed by Jesus when he said, “I am.” These two worlds imply that there had been no beginning and there will be no ending-only continual, eternal beingness. The only applicable and accurate verb tense is the present one. This subtle disconnection begins with something equally as subtle: unreturned acknowledgment and communication. Your verbalizations project energy toward the whole, but when someone either fails to acknowledge or respond to them, it results in a disconnection from it. Try asking someone something and then examine your disconnected, empty feeling when he or she fails to respond, maintaining silence. You feel as if you do not exist, as if a gap between you and the whole had just been created. It was.

The third “wrong turn” can be labeled “untruth.” There are many degrees of “untruth”-from the incorrect information, knowledge, or direction given to you by well-meaning people who themselves were subjected to receiving it, located on one end of the spectrum, to the out-and-out deceit and lies on the other. Why does this create a hole in your soul? The soul’s intrinsic properties, like boundless beingness, are, again, those of your Creator. (He created you in His image.) Any deviation from them results in a subtle disconnection. Untruth, the opposite of truth, repels Him.

The “truth” accepted by and downloaded into the brain often disagrees with that intrinsically known by the soul, yet by sheer, early-year awareness of the brain mechanism, such as when you were only a few months to a few years old, you became associated with it, no longer relying on Source-connected knowledge, but instead drawing upon life path-amassed and accepted data. It may aid negotiation of the temporary physical world, but does nothing to increase understanding of the eternal one. That information is only stored in the soul.

Untruth, therefore, is the opposite of God, and only serves to disconnect you from Him by means of the attraction-repulsion dichotomy. As a creation and expression of your Source, do you yourself attract people who are like you in your life and generally repel those who are not? Why do you have the friends that you do, and why are your enemies not among them?

The first four causes of the hole in your soul can be explained as futile attempts to adopt God-opposite qualities. How can you perceive and feel one with someone whom you no longer emulate? The fifth cause is more extreme: conversion.

What is conversion? It can best be illustrated by its results. When I have coached people whom I know have reached very low levels in their lives and have resorted to drugs, lies, and whatever other Source-opposite methods they perceive as “remedies” to their internal unfulfillment, I often ask them if they believe in God in order to gauge their degree of conversion, and they invariably answer, “Well, I used to. But He’s not there any more.” Or, worse, “There is no God!”

As we have already seen, any God-opposite qualities automatically repel Him, causing you to disconnect and resulting in that void or hole in your soul where and when the disconnection occurred. But conversion is even more extreme. God and your soul, Creator and created, have, as you recall, no physical properties, such as matter, energy, space, or time. Resultantly, there is no “where” to where He could go. But people will nevertheless swear that He no longer exists.

Then where in the world does He go? The question may have greater benefit if it were rephrased to, “Where did you go?”

Conversion is the result of a little-known or understood part of the mind. Although you may feel that it is a computer-comparable mechanism which stores and processes data and enables you to pose solutions to the myriad of life’s problems and obstacles, you would only be half-correct. This part, which engages in this method of analytical thought, is appropriately named the “analytical mind.” But there is a counterpart to it, and it is called the “reactive mind.”

You may well believe that you have moved past your episodes of physical pain and negative emotion, but their related energy is only stored and “lies dormant:” in this area of the mind. Time may theoretically “heal all,” but the reality is that it depends upon what you do with that time to effectuate the healing. Unless, and in fact, you fully and emotionally dealt with these life turmoils and traumas as they occurred, they silently “wait in the wings,” possessing full, original power, to recreate themselves in your head when presented with similar or identical incidents in present time, as if no time between the original episode and the current one had passed at all. Tightening their grip on your soul, they control you, initiating the same reaction you had had the first time, converting life force into needed energy source in order to exert their effects, diminishing your soul’s intrinsic freedom and capacity, and creating another link in the chain of similar or identical first incident recreations. The more links on the chain, the more powerful they become to grip and convert you, fully transforming your nonphysical soul into physical properties, until you believe that your soul is physical, and not eternal, in a matter-antimatter type of correlation. Even when you are mildly tired, feeling attenuated and somehow “not quite there,” you can skirt the edges of this conversion, as if you were entering an alter-reality. When you are inebriated or ill and the room seems to spin about you, you are sinking deeper into this converted state.

This mechanism renders the soul the diametric opposite-from leader to follower, from creator to destroyer, from commander to observer-and, in its extreme, reduces one to helplessly “act out” the original reaction, powerless, as if he were sinking in quick sand, unable to exert any effect at the moment of re-ignition. It controls, as if it had a life of its own: it does, and your converted soul is the energy source it harnesses, causing you to act out in ways you do not even wish to. Like a broken record, it replays exactly the same scenario with every encountered incident. In its most extreme, it can cause the brain to compartmentalize itself, producing two or more personalities, like a Dr. Jeckle and Mr. Hyde, and by means of the erected wall, one is unable to contact the other.

The purpose of this reactive mind mechanism is to steer you away from perceived danger, based upon what it experienced the first time, and hence it causes you to react exactly the way you had during its first creation, gripping your life force like a clenched fist in order to propel you away from it. It may have had value during the cave man era, but with humans’ ever-increasing intelligence and knowledge, it has exceeded its time and purpose.

And therein lies the dilemma. The answer to “Where did God go?” is the same answer to “Where did you go?” He went no where, but you did. You (your soul) became so converted, that you no longer felt or detected Him, since its intrinsic, God-like properties misaligned with Him. Hence, you repelled rather than attracted what now seemed to be your opposite.

Remember, you can only feel and connect with Him when you exude His qualities. (He created you, so who else could you be like?) But in the case of the reactive mind-caused conversion, you no longer feel His presence and your connection to Him, as if He were no longer there.

Now that we have examined the hole-creating wrong turns in your life, we can re-embark on the correct, remedial path to slowly begin to re-close them, like gradually healing wounds. However, in order for this to be effective, you must emphatically discern yourself as a separate entity, invisible and unprovable by conventional means, from the body which houses you (your soul) and allows it to negotiate and exert its effects on the physical world.

Before we journey down this corrective road, you can actually do more than just “believe” this soul-body exclusivity with a simple exercise. We have repeatedly said that the soul has no physical-universe properties, such as matter, energy, space, or time. Therefore, you can test the validity of this truth by audibly repeating to yourself, “There’s no such thing as time, there’s no such thing as time.” You (your soul) will actually begin to rise from your body and the physical world, where the concept of time does exist, to that state of timelessness, or eternity, where it does not and from where you came, where you always were, and to where you will return after this comparatively brief physical interlude. Once you have been reacquainted with this duality, you will once again realize that, when the body ceases to function and “dies,” that your soul will not go with it, but instead will separate from its earthly camouflage and return to its intrinsic, eternal state.

You may, at the moment, wonder why, if you had always existed in this state without a bonafide “beginning” as we know it here on earth, that you cannot remember it. After all, if I had asked you if you had remembered the movie you had seen last Thursday (a two-hour event), I am quite sure that you would reply in the affirmative. Yet you cannot recollect where you had been forever. The culprit is again that downloadable, computer-like brain in which you stored all your experiences, analytical thoughts, solutions, information, and data, and upon which you consistently relied throughout your life for retrieval as “memory” for personal benefit and use. The sheer fact that you had done so indicates that, probably at a very early stage in your life, that you had ceased viewing your self (soul) as separate from the body you now occupied, no longer drawing from eternal resources, in a vertical orientation, as you had before you had assumed physical form. You had neither body, mind, nor brain in that eternal state in which to “store” these memories; hence, they are not available for “retrieval” by the physically traditional method. The information is stored, but in your soul, not in your brain.

The task ahead of us lies not so much in “plugging” the soul’s hole, as if you could bandage or patch it, but instead in reversing the circumstances, decisions, and actions which opened it in the first place, allowing it to inversely close until you are once again whole. Your “whole,” however, must match that of the “whole” above and the creative Source of it all in order for it to naturally attract. Re-attract more accurately describes this dynamic. Otherwise, you would only be left with your earthly, but elusive “remedies” of repair.

The first corrective action entails an examination of your personal untruths-the “do’s,” “don’ts,” “shoulds,” “supposed to’s,” “not supposed to’s,” and misconceptions you have erroneously been told and taught to the point where they became etched in the stone of your brain, but which your life experience has indicated to the contrary-the “how come I was always told xxx, but my life experience doesn’t seem to match that?” If these personal, internalized restrictions are not bonafide laws and refusing to adhere to them will neither harm yourself nor others, then it is time to uproot them like the marring, undesired weeds in your garden. Only you can know what these falsities are. But a mismatch of beliefs and reality will provide an optimum starting point.

The next remedy is learning what the ego really is. It is not self, spirit, or soul. It is a false, fleeting, artificially stilted sense of self which you incorrectly believe and perceive to be the authentic “you.” It is supported by a tenuous, easily-shatterable foundation of “I am the manager!” “I have a million dollars!” “I have two houses!” “I am better than you!” “I am superior!”

Think back to all the toys, games, clothes, and things you received as a child, and their subsequent adult counterparts, such as automobiles, sports equipment, electronics, or whatever suited your fancy. Although they temporarily elevated your spirit above its chronic, unfulfilled state, leading you to believe that they plugged the hole in your soul, every one of those item-related “excitements” ultimately dissipated, as their “newnesses” wore off, leaving you once again to acquire the next material possession in order to achieve the next “high,” as if it were an addiction needing to be “fed.” In essence, the same principle is being applied. But this only proved an exercise of failure-bound futility. Did it ever occur to you that this method was not working, since you never truly seemed to “arrive?” Did it ever occur to you that you needed to adopt a different strategy?

You entered the physical world as force, as a boundless spirit, but with otherwise nothing (remember you were created in His image), and “from it you can take nothing.” What you are is “beingness,” your natural, intrinsic, eternal state. What you have is not. If the ego were a natural state, you would not have to “work toward” maintaining it. So diametrically opposed are soul and ego, in fact, that Dr. Wayne W. Dyer, renowned inspirational speaker, defines what the latter does by its three letters: it “edges God out.” If you continue to equate your soul with it, it will only lead you down the same self-destructive, destinationless path.

You can determine the fundamental truth of this by asking yourself the following question: when you are lying on your death bed, what will you care more about at that time-your three cars or to where you will go for your eternity? If the material things you took for your soul were eternal, you would be able to take them with you at the culmination of your physical existence.

The third corrective measure is to reconvert your soul to the free state it had always been, and this requires the re-creation of your painful and emotionally upsetting moments. However, it cannot be done alone, since any attempt to penetrate intervals and episodes of conversion will only result in greater conversion until you are virtually consumed by them–IF YOU ATTEMPT TO DO SO ALONE. The method, by necessity, must employ a trusted friend, coach, therapist, psychologist, or psychiatrist whose analytical mind, in combination with the remaining strength of your own, can erase the contents of your reactive one. How this is accomplished is actually quite simple.

Suppose I sat across from you and handed you a can of unopened soda, and then took an identical can and placed it in the center of the table. Suppose I then instructed you to place your can in the same location as mine, WITHOUT MOVING IT. (I do not mean near, around, close, or on top. I mean in the exact location, measurable with a micrometer.) You are likely to ponder the puzzle for a moment and then confess, “I can’t.”

There is a very good reason why you “can’t.” An object or entity can only occupy a single space and time in the universe and the only way your soda can could occupy the space and time of mine would be if you moved mine out of the way, freeing up its coordinates.

The reconversion process of therapy employs the same principle. The painful and emotionally painful incidents of your life, whether they occurred last week or 50 years ago, lie dormant, incorporating a recording of the negative energy originally generated by them and awaiting an identical or similar circumstance in which to become re-ignited, thus impelling you into identical action (reaction). But they are equally only able to occupy a single space and time, and when you purposefully recreate them-again with a qualified coach-you commence a process of desensitizing, diminishing, and ultimately erasing them, since the past incidents must, by the universe’s physical principles, “move out of the way” for the present-time recreations of them-the same way your soda can could only occupy the parameters of mine after it had been moved elsewhere. Pockets of life force, perhaps so long “held” in storage for later recreation, have, without consciousness, trapped, crippled, imprisoned, and converted you, and the process re-releases them, returning you to your natural state. You will regain strengths, abilities, and feelings you long forgot that you had had. In other words, the original incident collapses and the process is like the key which sets you free.

Although reading this may increase your understanding of these principles and the reactive mind mechanism, it is no substitute for the actual process. You must do the work, and the number of life path created incidents will increase the amount of time needed to attain erasure and release. But it is effective.

All of these methods result in the transformation of your soul, which has progressively been converted into source-opposite and -repelling properties throughout your life, back to its originally created state of boundless spirit, beingness, and love – and, by the means of natural attraction, to your Creator, refilling the proverbial glass with more of the same substance in a process which takes you from “hole” to “whole.”

I suggest that you begin now.

A graduate of Long Island University-C.W. Post Campus with a summa-cum-laude BA Degree in Comparative Languages and Journalism, I have subsequently earned the Continuing Community Education Teaching Certificate from the Nassau Association for Continuing Community Education (NACCE) at Molloy College, the Travel Career Development Certificate from the Institute of Certified Travel Agents (ICTA) at LIU, and the AAS Degree in Aerospace Technology at the State University of New York – College of Technology at Farmingdale. Having amassed almost three decades in the airline industry, I managed the New York-JFK and Washington-Dulles stations at Austrian Airlines, created the North American Station Training Program, served as an Aviation Advisor to Farmingdale State University of New York, and devised and taught the Airline Management Certificate Program at the Long Island Educational Opportunity Center.